Check a formulation

Check a formulation makes regulatory decisions in minutes and produces mandatory copy for listings and labelling.


Key benefits

Check where you can sell

Understand where you can legally sell your products by checking compliance across Amazon EU markets.

Understand your regulatory status

Understand your results with explainers and links to regulations. Have access to Regulatory Experts at the click of a button to explore your results.

Auditable Trail for Regulatory Decisions

Record your regulatory decisions in the tool, make notes of rationale for risks and ‘AMBER’ decisions.

Produce Compliant Copy

Rubicon Bridge automatically produces all mandatory copy for 8 European countries, in 4 min 20 seconds (average).

Make Health and Nutrition Claims

Rubicon Bridge proposes a list of all relevant health and nutrition claims for use on a food or food supplement.

Customisation Option

Code in your brand style to ensure consistent, brand-specific outputs.

Benefit from rubicon Bridge, The reg tech tool®

Get started

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Easy to Use

Our customers are delighted with how easy Rubicon Bridge is to use, and find the user interface simple to navigate.

Immediate Regulatory Decisions

Rubicon Bridge highlights the legal status of your product in all Amazon markets in the EU allowing you to concentrate on internationalising your brand.

Cost Effective

Rubicon Bridge is priced to use, our pricing structure makes us an accessible regulatory resource for large and small companies. Choose a subscription for maximum benefits or opt for our on-demand model.