Change Management

Keep up to date with the status of every product in your portfolio. Once details are entered into the Rubicon Bridge system, you can be sure that any regulatory or safety news will be highlighted in your notifications.


Key benefits

Only upload product details once

Once your products are uploaded into Rubicon Bridge via Bulk Upload, API or other, our software will check each product’s regulatory compliance and notify you of any changes.

In-built horizon scanning

Our automated horizon scanning programme will check your portfolio and highlight relevant changes.

It also includes a regulatory update newsletter for all users.

Auditable Trail for Regulatory Decisions

Regulatory decisions or overrides are all recorded in the system, allowing continuity and traceability.

No extra cost

This feature is included within your Rubicon Bridge subscription.

No limit usage

Whether you have entered 10 or 250 products, this feature applies to you.

No know-how needed

Our simplified instructions make keeping up to date with the regulations easy.

Benefit from rubicon Bridge, The reg tech tool®

Get started

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Easy to Use

Our customers are delighted with how easy Rubicon Bridge is to use and find the user interface simple to navigate.

Immediate Regulatory Decisions

Rubicon Bridge highlights the legal status of your product in all Amazon markets in the EU allowing you to concentrate on internationalising your brand.

Cost Effective

Rubicon Bridge is priced to use, our pricing structure makes us an accessible regulatory resource for large and small companies. Choose a subscription for maximum benefits or opt for our on-demand model.

The all in one reg tech tool®

Additional features

Check a concept

Check an ingredient

Check a formulation