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Rubicon Bridge, the Reg Tech Tool was developed by regulatory experts with decades of experience.


Our Story

Rubicon Bridge Ltd. started in 2020 with 3 members of staff and an outsourced software development team. By 2024, our 20-strong team includes Regulatory Experts, Account Management and our NEW Internal Dev Ops Team. We have onboarded over 400 users onto our revolutionary software solution for regulatory compliance. Our award-winning software is already highly rated by marketplace sellers. Our clients have recognised the power of Rubicon Bridge, The Reg Tech Tool, and switched from less reliable, more time-consuming and more expensive traditional regulatory solutions.

Rubicon Bridge software is a cutting-edge regulatory technology tool that aims to revolutionise how businesses ensure regulatory compliance in Europe. The development of this innovative software answered industry demand for a simple regulatory solution that can enable pan-European sales of food supplements and foods through eCommerce platforms and traditional retail.

The current regulatory landscape has become more stringent, intricate, and demanding, which poses a significant challenge for businesses to keep up with compliance and manage risks effectively. This is where Rubicon Bridge comes in by offering a comprehensive solution that streamlines regulatory processes, reduces costs, and mitigates potential non-compliance risks.


Users of The Reg Tech Tool®

The number of users has grown from 0 to 400+ in under six months.

4 min 20s

Average time for full compliance check and copy creation.

Rubicon Bridge takes an 80-day process and produces compliance mandatory copy for 8 European countries- in 4 min 20 seconds (average).

“This regulatory solution is a breath of fresh air.”


“Thank goodness for naivety, bravery and resilience. What a journey we have been on over the last few years – the hours and hours grappling with regs, data and validation…. the concentration and the attention to detail required – until our eyeballs bleed.”

Kathryn Szymonowicz
Managing Director

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